Dario Sanfilippo


Algorithmic Music – Complex Adaptive Systems – AI and ALife – Performance Ecosystems – Audio Programming – DSP

I am a music feedback systems specialist, performer, composer, audio programmer, teacher, and researcher.

I have a PhD in computer music from the University of Edinburgh and my research focuses on the exploration of new music through artificial intelligence and artificial life implemented via complex adaptive systems.

My work combines principles of agency, autopoiesis, evolvability, fitness, and radical constructivism for the design of complex audio feedback networks that are deployed in live performance for human-machine interaction or autonomous machines.


Mar 12, 2021 A set of complex sound generators based on modified chaotic differential equations (Lotka-Volterra, van der Pol, Lorenz, Chua, Rössler, Hindmarsh-Rose, Thomas) is now on Github under GPL v3.0.
Jan 2, 2021 New Github repository providing domain-limited math operators and functions in the Faust language for NaN-free and INF-free audio streams, hence highly reliable real-time software regardless of how mercilessly a network is modulated or how unstable a recursive system is made.
Dec 28, 2020 New blog post on handling inf and NaN values in Faust and C++ audio programming.
Nov 30, 2020 New blog post on recursive circuits and the Faust language.
Oct 30, 2020 The International Faust Conference programme is now online: IFC programme.
Oct 2, 2020 Two papers accepted at the second International Faust Conference.
Oct 2, 2020 New site up.