Audible Icarus (2012-2018)

A human-machine interaction performance ecosystem

Audible Icarus is a human-machine interaction performance for an ecosystemic and adaptive DSP network. The work takes place in a large room where a number of loudspeakers are grouped on one side of the environment. The performer holds microphones whose signals feed the DSP network and can move freely in the environment. The distance between microphones and loudspeakers is a key element for the onset of self-oscillation and the emergence of sound, as well as the resonant characteristics of the space. The performance consists of slowly walking towards the speakers from a far away spot, and to move away once very close to the loudspeakers. While moving forward, the performer attempts to stop self-oscillation as much as possible by pointing the microphones in different directions, whereas the opposite should be done whne moving away towards the spot where silence emerges, which determines the end of the piece.