selected live performances


  • ○ 9th of December, solo at the University of Edinburgh.
  • ○ 29th of June, solo at Republik Kugelmugel, Vienna, organised by Klub Moozak.
  • ○ 19th of June, duo with Daniel Lercher at Steinergasse 8, Vienna, for the DerBlödeDritteMittwoch #87.
  • ○ 6th of June, solo and duo with Philip Leitner at Echoraum, Vienna, commissioned by the International Society for Contemporary Music.
  • ○ 29th of March, solo at Music and Performing Arts University, Vienna.


  • ○ 8th of November, solo at Velak Gala #105, Vienna.
  • ○ 19th of October, solo at Zentrale, Vienna.
  • ○ 18th of April, solo at Sibelius Academy, Helsinki.


  • ○ 26th of October, solo at The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh.
  • ○ 26th of March, duo with Gael Leveugle for Sidération Festival at National Centre for Space Studies, Paris.


  • ○ 10th of October, duo with SEC_ at Cafè Oto, London.
  • ○ 28th of March, solo at Edinburgh College of Art.


  • ○ 23rd of April, duo with SEC_ at Theatre Divadlo29, Pardubice, Czech Republic.
  • ○ 5th of February, solo at Music and Theatre University of Hamburg, Germany.


  • ○ 21st of June, trio with SEC_ and Jean-Philippe Gross, French Institute of Naples, Italy


  • ○ 14th of November, duo with Tim Hodgkinson at Goldsmiths University, London.
  • ○ 15th of October, solo at EarZoom Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • ○ 28th of August, live sound installation at Flussi Festival, Avellino, Italy.
  • ○ 23rd of May, solo at Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium.
  • ○ 21st of May, solo at Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin.


  • ○ 9th of December (homage to John Cage), a realisation of Sculpture Musicales at Castel Sant’Elmo, Naples, Italy.
  • ○ 23th of November, solo at Auditorium Casa della Musica, Trieste, Italy,for the Colloquium of Musical Informatics.
  • ○ 11th of September, solo at Španski Borci, Ljubljana, for the International Computer Music Conference.
  • ○ 22th of May, live sound installation at Le Forme del Suono festival, Conservatory of Latina, Italy.
  • ○ 4th of May, solo at the Conservatory of Naples, Italy.
  • ○ 10th of April, live sound installation at INTER/actions Symposium, Bangor University, UK.


  • ○ 22th of November, solo at Audio Art Festival, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland.
  • ○ 8th of July, solo at C. Pollini Conservatory, Padova, Italy, for the Sound and Music Computing Conference.