I’ve been spending more than 3 weeks in my hometown now, in Sicily, and it has been a very nice time with my family. My brother has a lovely 12 years old boy and a gorgeous little girl was born about two months ago. My mom, inevitably, made me gain a few more kilograms, and it’s gonna be easier to face winter. Besides this, I’ve spent most of the free time in working on the recording sessions I had with the Enterico Trio (with Mr(s). Hodgkinson and Pagano), and with my friend Mimmo (SEC_). I’m very happy of how both works are coming out, and I look forward to see them published: the former should be out on Milan based Die Schachtel, while the latter is still looking for a label, but I’m confident it will find one soon. Heading up to Palermo tomorrow where I will meet my friend Gandolfo to work on the last details of the Enterico album, then back to Naples, a city I’ve been missing a lot now.