I am a composer, performer, audio programmer, and researcher specialised in musical complex adaptive systems.

I have a PhD in Creative Music Practice from the University of Edinburgh and my artistic research focuses on the exploration of new music through artificial intelligence (in the broadest sense) and artificial life implemented via adaptive audio feedback networks.

My work combines principles of agency, autopoiesis, evolvability, and radical constructivism to design systems that are deployed in live performance for human-machine interaction or autonomous music.

I code mainly in C/C++ and Faust for real-time processing, and Python for plotting and offline processing. My interests include branchless and functional programming, virtual analogue filters, chaotic sound synthesis, feedback delay networks reverberation, lookahead limiters, cellular automata, Markov chains, and neural networks for one-bit audio.

I am part of the R&D team at FL Studio, primarily investigating DSP, generative algorithms, and tools for computer-assisted sound and music creation.