Well, it’s just easy as that, I’m not an active poster, no matter if it’s Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. Let me quickly summarise a few nice things that happened or that will happen soon.

I had a great summer in my hometown, Campobello di Licata, where I could spend 3 weeks with my family. My brother has a lovely little daughter and a wonderful boy. We just loved going to the sea all together and then cooking food at home or going to some trattoria or the like. Food-wise, one of the most amazing things of this year was definitely the goat cheese produced in my hometown from this small dairy: http://www.aziendamontalbo.it/ As I said some other time, think of the art of goat cheese reaching excellence. No jokes… They also make cheese out of goat milk kefir. Impressive!

So my last days in Sicily were in Palermo, where I could meet my friend Chris Galarreta who happened to pass by there. Three more great days with him at my friend’s (Gandolfo Pagano) place where we also had a cool trio session during an amazing thunderstorm. After that, which was about the last week of August, I had to come back to Naples to work on a sound installation to be presented at the festival Flussi in Avellino. I take a chance to say thanks again to my friend Mimmo (SEC_) who wanted to invite to the festival, as he curated part of the experimental music program. The whole festival was another lovely experience. There were experimental concerts from late afternoon until around 10pm, so we all started hanging out in the place in early afternoon as the concert space was a beautiful garden with an olive tree in the middle of it. Sunny days and great performances out of an amazing d&b sound system, and also great nights on the terrace of the theatre where the second part of the festival, the more beat-oriented one, took place. Dancing and again a lot of great people to stay with.

So the festival got to its end after five days and it was already September. This has been an extremely and positively intense month so far. One of the last cool things that happened was the Weird B(a/u)rn Dance, a 2-day concerts in the countryside all surrounded by a bucolic yet surrealistic situation. It was amazing. 

Now it’s mostly about working on the last two exams I will have in late October and then I will have my Master dissertation on February/March. These 2 years in Naples have passed as quickly as they were intense. I had a chance to know people which are now some of my dearest friends and, at the same time, some awesome musicians I luckily had a chance to collaborate with. As of my decision, two years ago, to come here to do my Master with Agostino Di Scipio, I’m extremely happy of that too. In these two years I have learnt so many extremely interesting things and I have developed many new idea for my works based on that acquired knowledge. Having classes with him you can really experience how different topics ranging from mathematics and physics to psychoacoustics and creative practices can actually be interrelated and can co-determine themselves. So a huge thanks also goes to my professor Agostino, that I feel I can refer to as a friend now.

Check out the Events page for some updates on my next concerts/lectures/workshops. Just to name a few things: concert at the EarZoom festival in Lj next 15th of Oct, and then in November duos with tim Hodgkinson in London, workshop at STEIM, lecture at Sonology in The Hague and a few more things.

By the way, check out my new article on Interference Journal too!