About three years ago I was writing a goodbye post to Vienna; I was leaving the city to start my PhD in Edinburgh. 

After all this time, I can look back and be happy about that choice: Edinburgh is certainly not my favourite city but I’ve met some really nice people and we’ve done a very good job for my PhD together with my supervisors. My research has produced some very convincing results and I am now in its final state, writing the thesis, recording the performance projects for the portfolio, as well as putting together a library with some of the software that I have developed.

Today I’m writing a goodbye post to Edinburgh after I just moved back to Vienna, a city that I love very much. It is hard to tell how long I will stay here and how things will turn after I finish my PhD, but it feels great to be back and I am currently working on two interesting research projects together with two of my best friends here. The projects both involve 1-bit digital audio but one focuses on digital deterioration, while the other focuses on FPGAs and delta-sigma modulation. I will mainly be working on some pieces for the first one and I will investigate adaptive recursive Boolean networks for the second.

Exciting times ahead and the sun is shining.