I am at the airport in Oslo waiting for my connection flight, and this is probably a good moment to write this.

Today I left Vienna to move to Edinburgh, and I am full of strong feelings making me nostalgic and excited at the same time.

These ten months in Vienna were definitely some of the best in my life. The city is lovely and is one of the most relaxed and coolest places I’ve ever experienced. During my stay there, strangers became friends, and friends became better friends. My heartfelt gratefulness goes to Philip Leitner who involved me to work with him in his projects since the beginning, making a big difference on the fact that my stay in Vienna was so good and giving me the possibility to learn a lot. Vienna was also a great chance to collaborate with other sound artists and to get to know the interesting work of some others, and I am indeed planning to regularly come back there to keep all these collaborations alive. There are in general too many names which I would like to thank - friends and/or musicians - but I’ll rather keep this short as I’m sure they’ll know to be in my mind if they read this. 

The very exciting thing is to start a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, something I’ve always dreamt of and which is now happening. Another amazing opportunity to learn so much more and to work full-time on sound. My gratefulness also goes to Michael Edwards who accepted to be my supervisor, and I really look forward to start working with him and the other people from the University.